In Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia, Kyocera Senco Netherlands is the importer and distributor of the brands Senco, TyTecker, Muro, InterDiamant, and Expandet and is a subsidiary of Senco Brands Inc.

We have a lot of experience with guiding new talents in particular during traineeships and graduation projects. We also have a number of graduated students working within the organisation! We are very open to the contribution of students! Do you have an idea or proposal, please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

Fred van Gerven
Technical Manager
0320 295 518

Michel van Paassen
Manager logistic and Production
0320 295 518

Casper Veltman
Online Marketing
0320 297 429

Melanie Scholten
Marketing and Communications
0320 295 550

Nico Bleumer
Business Unit Manager Nederland
0320 295 598

Daniëlle van Galen
HR Advisor
0320 295 502